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Men Vs. Yoga: What Guys Hate About Our Favorite Fitness Class

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What? Your boyfriend can't do this?/photo: Thinkstock

We’ve been trying to drag our respective husbands and boyfriends to yoga forever. And when we actually succeed, we almost feel guilty about how awkward they look in the class. They go through the moves, sheepish and sweating, trying to stretch into the right position, and we can almost feel how much they want to leave. And we can definitely feel how badly they want out if they whisper, “I want to leave.” Not that that’s happened to us at an early Saturday morning yoga class or anything.

Our sister site TheGloss summed it up pretty perfectly in their 5 Things Dudes Hate About Yoga article. But don’t let the guy in your life see it — knowing that other dudes hate yoga class as much as he does will push him over the edge, and you’ll never be able to drag him to yoga again.