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Men Are Trying To Impress You With How Much Pizza They Can Eat, As If Their Signals Weren’t Confusing Enough Already

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Men Are Trying To Impress You With How Much Pizza They Can Eat  As If Their Signals Weren t Confusing Enough Already pizza man 640x320 jpg

If you’ve noticed your Tinder dates eat more pizza than the average male, your ‘Swipe Right’ might be cheap — or, he could be really into you.

Yes, really. Recent polls have shown that straight men will eat almost twice as much food when in the presence of women as part of a weird and gluttonous mating ritual.

The bizarre study was conducted by Cornell researchers who spent two weeks watching over 100 adults eat lunch at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet. They found that men who dined with at least one woman ate nearly twice as much pizza as men who ate with other dudes.

The researchers concluded that the men were trying to impress their lady counterparts by proving they could shove countless heaps of pizza into their mouths. A weird theory, but I get it.

Men also ate 86 percent more vegetables in the company of women — probably another tactic to impress the opposite sex.
Men, while eating pizza is a talent I admire, I think you’ve got to put a little more thought into your flirting tactics. However, if any guy wants to eat pizza in front of me, as long as you offer me some I”m totally game.

Image via The Huffington Post