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Men Fake Orgasms More Often Than You Think, Maybe More Often Than You Fake Orgasms

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A recent and totally legitimate, scientific , peer reviewed, statistically sound, study poll conducted by Australia's The Sunday Telegraph has revealed the truth about the real battle of the sexes: who fakes orgasms more. Popular culture may have you believe that women are the theatrical frauds of the boudoir, but alas, according to the poll, you've been lied to. Men are performing Oscar worthy faux-orgasms too. They must be very stealth, you know because of the byproduct of their orgasms. I wonder how they do it!

Anyway, The Sunday Telegraph polled more than 1,200 readers in order to determine the groundbreaking The survey yielded wild results! Apparently, amongst those 1,200 readers, 23% of men confessed to faking a climax, but only 20.6% of women admitted to the same sexual hoodwink. According to TopNews, previous US surveys have yielded similar results. One based on 1,080 men suggests that a quarter of men deceive their partners into thinking they totally came. My whole world has been turned upside down. What next? Dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria!

Debby Herbenick, Co-Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, attempts to explain such a Twilight Zone style twist of expectation. Here are some of Herbenick's theories as to why men would fake orgasms:

 “To help their partner's ego,

to not hurt their partner's feelings,

to end sex so that they can go to sleep or go home”

All of those reasons are totally understandable and mostly line up with reasons why women have historically been the big phony orgasmers. But, it doesn't have to be this way. No one, male or female or otherwise should have to lie about whether or not they freaking climaxed to avoid hurting feelings or ending a sexual encounter that isn't doing it for them.

The 3% difference between the number of men and women who admitted to a poll that they fake orgasms is insignificant. The issue isn't “which gender is full of sex-liars” but rather “why do so many people feel the need to fake it?”  Maybe if we all acknowledged that intercourse doesn't have to have a grand finale in order to be good sex or sex at all it would take some pressure off, possibly enabling more people to have genuine orgasms, and definitely enabling people to be more honest about their sexual pleasures.

via Telegraph//Image via When Harry Met Sally (1989)