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Men Are Not As Into Sex As You’ve Been Lead To Believe

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Those bubbles are misleading–he's actually dreaming about skateboarding and tacos.

Men! They only care about one thing (sex). What a bunch of lecherous creepers, amirite? Apparently, I am not right.

Do you remember when you first heard that completely fabricated factoid that men think about sex every 7 seconds? After the first time I heard it, all I could do was look around my 5th grade classroom at all the different boys and wonder which one of those dirty penis-havers was thinking about doing it at that very moment. Then it would dawn on me that I was the sicko, the one thinking about intercourse constantly. I barely knew what it was, but I was already obsessed with it. Anyway, that old factoid is a total myth.

Research conducted at Duke University indicates that people overestimate how filthy their minds really are.The scientists at Duke recruited 202 participants, half women and half men, and had them fill out surveys about erotic sex-health topics like “interest in sex, level of activity, discomfort or dysfunction, and satisfaction.” The study was published in Journal of Sexual Medicine (is there any other kind?*).

For a month, those participants were subject to daily assessments of their sexual obsessions or what Duke scientists call “sexual function.” They rated their sexual function, which is really just how often they think about sex, on a scale of 5. At the end of the 30 day period, they were “asked to complete a single online questionnaire that asked about their sexual function for the past 30 days.”

The researchers saw the their subjects were capable of recalling their sexual function with some accuracy, but that it varied depending on topic, mood and gender. During the final survey, the participants rated their sexual interest as they recalled it as 0.7 higher than their daily reports. Both men and women overestimated how much they actually think about sex, but men inflated more than women did. The disparity has been chalked up to the effect of gender stereotypes on memory recall.

Here's another trend the Duke researchers noticed: people who were in good moods reported having more sex and being better at it than they actually were, which is proof that positive people are the fucking worst. As for me, I think about sex nearly 100% of the time, but I never have it and I'm sure I'm mediocre at it at best. Ugh, I'm always in a shitty mood, so I'm probably self-reporting with astounding accuracy.

*I've made this joke before and I will make it again

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