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Bad Science: Your Man Looks At Other Women Because Of Evolution

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Bad Science  Your Man Looks At Other Women Because Of Evolution boys girls gender divide 640x450 jpgMen and women are so different! Battle of the sexes! Martians and Venusians! It’s science! Evolution! Hunter gatherers! Men are like this, women are like that. 

Evolutionary psychology strikes again! This time, misogynist pseudo scientists are trying to let men off the hook for their wandering eyes. Apparently, when your man is looking at other lady-babes, he’s actually patrolling for potential mothers for his offspring and not just potential sex-holes for his gross penis.

According to research conducted in the U.K., women prefer familiar-looking male faces, but men like faces they’ve never seen before. Women find trustworthiness sexy, but men just want a new womb to impregnate. Don’t blame them though, they can’t help it–Darwin made them do it.

Psychologists/quacks determined this earth-shattering information by showing hetero men and women a bunch of different faces of people of the opposite gender and having them rate those faces based on attractiveness. Women rated faces higher when they’d seen the face before, but dudes rated the lady face’s as less attractive the second time around. Doesn’t that research sound scientific as all get out? No? Well these jerks did a series of studies we don’t need to go into detail about because they all say the same thing.

The “researchers” from the University of Stirling and the University of Glasgow who conducted this study “believe the reason may be that men have evolved to maximise their reproductive success by mating with as many partners as possible.” The results are attributed to the Coolidge Effect which is what they call it when “men are aroused by the novelty of a new sexual partner more than women” this totally scientific phenomenon is named for the 30th POTUS because of this old chestnut:

During a farm visit, when his wife was told there was only one cockerel and many hens because the cockerel would mate several times a day, she reportedly said: ‘Tell that to Mr Coolidge’.

When the president asked if it was with the same hen each time and told no, he allegedly said: ‘Tell that to Mrs Coolidge.’

When presenting the findings, a male and a female researcher chimed in on the evolutionary explanation of the results. The man? Research fellow Anthonly Little of Stirling University’s School of Natural Sciences. The woman? Psychologist Dr Jane McCartney who apparently was never informed that women can’t be doctors because they must be baking babies in their wombs. So onto their explanations…


‘There is a tendency for males to pursue a large number of partners as they can dramatically increase their reproductive success by mating with multiple females.’


‘Men are geared to reproduce as much as possible and some take full advantage of that.’

But she followed it up with this actually true tidbit:

‘But from a practical point of view it doesn’t make sense to go round having lots of children with different women.’

Exactly, so why do misogynists and weirdos keep trying to tell us that men like to run around because they just gotta propagate the species? Oh, to excuse bad behavior like objectification of women and slut-shaming.

Their results were published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, which I guess is a dumb journal that publishes fake science. Honestly, I just can’t with this bullshit. Evo-psych monsters are just going to use whatever results they yield to “prove” their wildly untestable observations based on nothing. It’s not science. It’s not psychology. It’s awful. I CAN’T.

 Story via the Daily Mail(naturally)//image via Shutterstock