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Meltware: Extra Dishes When You’re Low on Space

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photo: Fast Company

Those of us who live in apartments or houses with limited cabinet space know how frustrating it can be to have a dinner party. We don't want to resort to wasteful paper plates, but we also don't want to resort to being the hobo who ask her friends to bring their own dishes. That's why we love Maaike Seegers’s idea for Meltware. If you need extra dishes, just pour hot Carnauba wax in a mold and watch your new dishes emerge. Then, after the party's over, just melt the wax down again.

As Fast Company points out, eating anything warm would be an issue. But for anything else (cocktails, in particular), Meltware would get the job done efficiently, cheaply, and without producing any waste.

photo: Fast Company

via Fast Company Design