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Meat Gave Our Ancestors Big Brains: Should You Stop Being a Vegetarian?

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During prehistoric times, our earliest ancestors ate raw food — nuts, fruit, roots, and berries. It wasn't a super-high-calorie diet, so they had to eat a lot, and needed a big gut to digest it all. But devoting all their energy to digestion meant that they couldn't devote any energy or nutrients to growing their brains. Until they started eating meat.

Uh-oh, vegetarians. As soon as ancient people started eating meat, their brains started growing. Meat is packed with tons of calories and fat, and our ancestors' brains liked both. But the real dose of nutrition came when prehistoric peeps started cooking their meat over an open flame. See, it's harder for the body to get the nutrition it needs solely from raw food.

Aside from giving you something to tease your vegetarian co-worker about at lunch, what do you think? Are vegetarians damaging their brains by forgoing meat – and are carnivores smarter than vegetarians?

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