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McDonald’s Just Announced The Only Thing Better Than All Day Breakfast

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If you know anything at all, you know that sweet potato fries are infinitely better than regular potato fries. It’s practically science, and if  you think otherwise, you’re wrong.

Now, sweet potato fry fans (aka, everyone) can rejoice, because McDonald’s is planning to add another big debut to the already fabulous lineup of all-day breakfast: sweet potato fries. While chains around the world have served sweet potato fries before, no U.S. location has ever offered the delicacy.

However, a tweet from the official McDonald’s Texas Panhandle account promised sweet potato fries are being tested in some Create Your Taste restaurants in Amarillo. If all goes well, sweet potato fries could be available at McDonald’s across the nation soon enough.

All day breakfast? Cage-free eggs? Real butter? SWEET POTATO FRIES?! What else could you possibly ever want, ever?! My 2am, five drinks in self is literally losing her sh*t. McDonald’s forever, man. McDonald’s forever.

Image via McDonald’s