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Steer Clear Of The Golden Arches: McDonald’s Customer In China Finds Detergent In Drink

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I've got the perfect little reminder not to eat at McDonald's. (You know, just in case you needed one.) In January, a Chinese McDonald's customer was rushed to the hospital after drinking detergent (!!!) from a Coca-Cola cup.

In Shengyang in northeastern China on January 16th, an unidentified woman drank from a Coca-Cola cup sitting on the counter in a McDonald's restaurant. (She thought her boyfriend, identified only as Mr. Liu, had purchased it for her). It turned out to be a detergent of some kind, and she had to visit the hospital after experiencing a burning sensation in her stomach and esophagus. She was ultimately diagnosed with erosive gastritus. 

I'm not sure why the woman couldn't tell the different between the taste of Coke and detergent, but apparently when Mr. Liu returned to the restaurant, an employee did take responsibility for placing the cup on the counter, although they didn't say why they did it (for cleaning purposes, I'd hope? Although…aren't there buckets for that sort of thing?) McDonald's has apologized for the incident and and offered compensation for a yet-to-be-determined amount.

Now, to be fair, this is clearly an isolated incident. I'm not saying this is something that regularly happens (or even could regularly happen) at McDonald's restaurants here or abroad. It could easily happen anywhere, I guess, at a fast food restaurant or another type of eatery. But when I read stories like this, my main thought is still, “Damn, I'm so glad I don't eat at McDonald's.” Fast food is just gross.

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