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Bikes May Save The Planet, But They Won’t Save You From McDonald’s

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In case you’ve been trying to stay fit and exercise by riding your bike, McDonald’s wants you to know that even that won’t keep you from shattering your diet regime with their happy meals.

In an effort to gain the business of cyclists and leisurely riders in Tokyo and Amsterdam, McDonald’s is expanding its bike-through options to each respective city. The fast food conglomerate has created a new form of disposable packaging aimed at drive-thru bicyclists. The “McBike” box — so conveniently and appropriately named — is designed to slide onto handlebars for easy transport. Apparently, the packaging was designed by an ad agency in Argentina, and allows room for a burger, fries and a drink.

While the McBike box isn’t available in America right now, it’s slowly gaining traction in other cities. The product was initially launched in March in Copenhagen, Denmark, followed by Medellin, Colombia. Tokyo and Amsterdam are next.

It’s no secret that McDonald’s is suffering a sales drought, and is attempting to “grease” things back up via rebranding efforts — and initiatives like the McBike. In order to remain relevant, the McFlurry creators have even announced potentially expanding their all-day breakfast options. In May, McDonald’s changed its mind about kale.

While it’s technically a smart move on McDonald’s part, all I can say is, good luck pedaling past the drive-thru on the way home.