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Martha Stewart~ Cold Weather Party Ideas

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When cold outside like it has been the last few weeks, it's harder to plan a party when you can't plan outdoor games and activities. When it's just to cold to use the back yard you can still plan a creative party for your birthday girl with the help of Martha Stewart.

Martha has several ideas to help you entertain little girls indoors and fun ideas to make your party the hit of the season.

Here are just a few of Martha Stewart's fun cold water party ideas for little girls.

  • Throw a spa themed slumber party with facials, manicures, and pajamas.
  • Throw a tiny party… At this charming party, girls will feel like Alice after she goes tumbling down the rabbit hole
  • Cupcakes are a great alternative to birthday cake- bake the actually sweets when your small guests arrive
  • Time for tea! Once little girls leave their shoes at the door, they step into a room steeped in charm. A low coffee table serves as a spot to enjoy fragrant tea and delicate finger foods, and cute paper puppets (made using simple origami techniques) dance on children's fingertips.

What ideas do you have for making a cold weather party a fun event for little girls?

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart