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Mars Chocolate Sues Hershey’s

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Two leaders in the world of chocolate candy are buckling down for a court date. Mars, Inc. is suing Hershey's over claims that Hershey's, who produce the Bliss line of individual chocolates, has blatantly copied Mars' television ads that they use for their Dove products.

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In the suit, Mars, who is asking for a jury trial, claims the Hershey ads for Bliss, which began airing in October, copy the Dove ads by using “an image of a silky scarf-like image, a pillow shape emerging from a pool of chocolate, a series of laudatory words displayed in a distinctive white and gold cursive script …[and] an image of the head and shoulders of a smiling woman with long brown hair.” The Dove ads have been airing since March 2008.

The suit also claims that at least two former Mars employees who worked on the Dove advertising campaign were hired by Hershey and helped create the Bliss chocolate commercials. Ouch!

I can't seem to find the Hershey ad online, but I have noticed the similarities when it's been on TV, and figured it was a rip-off on Hershey's part. Personally, I prefer Dove anyway since the Hershey's tastes like, well, Hershey's.

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