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5 Margarita Recipes For Cinco de Mayo That Will Have Your Shouting “Ole” At The Top Of Your Lungs

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unique margarita recipesPut the Skinny Girl margarita mix down and step away from the novelty party cups, you basic biatch. It's time to get quirky with your cocktails.

Cinco de Mayo is almost here and we need to talk about booze. There's nothing wrong with an ordinary margarita at a Cinco de Mayo party, but why drink the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Shake things up. Life's too short to not to try fresh and exciting margaritas.

There's nothing like a refreshing cocktail, these unique margaritas will do the trick.

Try these 5 for refreshing cocktails unlike any you've ever seen”

1) Strawberry Coconut MargsNot only is that color adorable, but these sound so delicious. If you're going to go for it with a frozen cocktail, you might as well really go for it and make it cute. Anything coconutty is my bag. via XoImagine 

2) Kiss of Light Margarita 

The ingredients to this pretty and elegant margarita read like a list of smells I want in a perfume. There's something very grown up and chick about this iteration of the margarita. via Nosh On

3) Cranberry Margaritas 

Cranberries? In the springtime? How very daring! via Gimme Some Oven

4) Pink Lemonade Margaritas

I know I have a thing for prink drinks, but this just sounds so tasty. No matter how serious or traditionally masculine someone is, they won't turn this pink margarita down. via Just A Pinch

5) Peach Margaritas

The delicate smoothness of peach matches with lime and tequila will blow your mind. This margarita the reason why we have to buck traditional margarita convention. via Camille Styles

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