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Man Flees McDonald’s Drive-Thru After Hitting Pedestrian, But Obviously Not Before Picking Up His Meal At The Window!

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Man Flees McDonald s Drive Thru After Hitting Pedestrian  But Obviously Not Before Picking Up His Meal At The Window  mcdonalds 280x186 jpgWelcome to New York. Welcome to New York. We’ll be waiting…to run you over in a fast food drive-thru and then flee. That’s how the song goes, right?

Okay, maybe not. But it should. A man (albeit a drunk man) was mowed over at a McDonald’s drive-thru near 244th St. in Queens. The best/worst part? The driver proceeded on to the pickup window to grab his freaking McStroke or whatever the hell McDonald’s is peddling to the unknowing masses these days, THEN fled the scene.

I’m loving this fun new trend where the sanctity of human life seems to be not super important in this country (looking at you, Ferguson). How fundamentally sad is it that a pedestrian is now fighting for his life as an unknown assailant carries on living his life free of impunity, free to enjoy any number of artery-clogging burgers? Pretty damn sad.

The 18-year-old night manager, Jonathan Brown, was rightfully disgusted by the incident, saying: “The car just backed up and drove around him and picked up his food.”

Brown added this imagery, in case you needed extra color: “I’m traumatized. He ran over his head and the guy was trying to get up with the car still on top of him!”


This is the country we live in, y’all. America: the land of the free and the home of the hungry. Where people actually, knowingly leave the scene of a crime but make sure to pick up their $4.67 meal beforehand.

I hope this guy chokes on his Big Mac.