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Man Breaks Record For World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink ($47.30). I Say Meh.

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A Washington state man has a dubious honor: he just broke the record for ordering the world's most expensive Starbucks drink.

Beau Chevassus ordered a Quadriginoctuple Frap (a name he made up, I hope?) a venti drink consisting of a 48-shot mocha frappuccino soy mocha drizzle matcha powder protein powder caramel brulee topping, strawberry, two bananas, caramel drizzle frappuccino chips, and vanilla bean. Yuck. His total came to $47.30, beating last year's most expensive Starbuck's drink record of $23.60 by quite a lot.

Luckily, he filmed the whole experience for posterity:

You can see that he brought his own mug, as well as doughnuts for the baristas at his local store. Because….if you work at Starbuck's, what you want is doughnuts? I don't know. I guess this is kind of a funny, random thing to do but I have to say, I'm not super impressed. Maybe this dude Beau could have also donated another $47.30 to fair trade coffee organizations or to the community service/charity arm of the Starbucks corporation, just to give his stunt a little more meaning. Just doing this to do it and get some media attention (which yes, duh, I know I am giving him media attention now) seems pretty underwhelming to me. He's a filmmaker and his studio apparently does Christian outreach, so let's hope he'll use a little bit of his Internet fame for some kind of good.

Here's our question: did he actually drink the drink? The video shows him taking a sip, but I'm wayyyy more interested how all that caffeine and all those mixers might affect someone's body. Not well, I'd imagine.

Photo and video via Beauch on YouTube