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Mama Says, No More Frozen Pizza!

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Mama Says, No More Frozen Pizza! – a recipe collection packaged in a hip pizza box.

The product was developed by two Atlanta moms, Mama Lynn and Mama Iris, whose kids kept calling home from college or their first apartments asking for recipes and cooking tips. The recipes included in No More Frozen Pizza! are simple and affordable, and while they are geared to fledgling cooks, they also are ideal for “school night cooking” for more experienced cooks.

It is a hip and practical gift for the upcoming holidays and through the spring/graduation time frame; especially in light of the lean economic times and that we are seeing a resurgence in home cooking.

The recipes included are good basics that teach some basic skills!  I especially like the looks of Gram's Sweet and Sour Meatballs…guess what we're having soon?  🙂