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Makeup at the Gym: How Much Is Too Much?

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There are two types of people at the gym: Those who sport color-coordinated outfits right down to their hot pink shoelaces, and those who wear t-shirts from junior high theatre camp paired with gym shorts that have holes in the crotch. I'm the latter (no apologies). But am I jealous of all the super-cute ladies at the gym, who somehow only sweat in an attractive, glistening way and never smudge their lip gloss?

Yes. Yes, I am. And now I know their secret. These women buy sweat-proof makeup. But I'm not quite jealous enough to join their ranks and slather on a full face of makeup before hitting the treadmill. I don't like the idea of clogging my pores – I want my sweat to escape naturally.

Do you wear makeup to the gym? Let us know how much and why.

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