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How To Make Simple Salt Dough Ornaments (Or Gift Tags)

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If you're looking for a quick, simple way to personalize holiday gift tags or add homemade flair to your Christmas tree, look no further. Salt dough (which is exactly as it sounds: a combo of salt, flour and water) makes the perfect base for creating non-toxic ornaments and green gift tags, and the whole process is simpler than baking a batch of cookies.

Instructions for creating these ornaments and tags (along with the lovely photo of the finished product above) come from the blog The Cheese Thief. To make the salt dough, all you need is:

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup warm water


1. Mix the ingredients together and knead, like you would with bread dough, until the mixture is about the consistency of Play-Doh.

2. Roll out the salt dough and cut out circles or whatever shape you want with cookie cutters.

3. Before the dough dries, use a straw to cut holes at the top of your shapes so you can hang or attach them. This is also the time to decorate your ornaments or tags. The Cheese Thief used these rubber stamps ($10 for a set on Amazon), which she colored by stamping on an ink pad or coloring with markers. You could also use a small knife or pointy-tipped object to etch or stencil the tags; use food-coloring to make salt dough of different colors; or paint them once dry.

4. Let the ornaments air dry, which might take up to three days. You could also bake them at a low temperature (200 degrees), but this will make for puffier ornaments or tags.