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If You Imagined Prison Food Was Bad, Now Imagine It With Maggots

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Orange Is The New Black viewers may be getting an optimistic idea of prison food, based on this horribly gross news. An employee of Trumbull Correctional Institution in Ohio has reported finding maggots in prisoners' meals. Sure, people find weird stuff in their fast food all the time, but at least there's the rest of the fast food to look forward to after discarding the object. Prison food is already prison food; maggots are just adding insult to injury.

Aramark, a company that supplies food service to over 500 correctional facilities, has apparently had five reported cases of maggots since January. In this case, an Aramark employee at Ohio's Trumbull Correctional Institution told a prison guard that, “one of the two serving lines had maggots falling out of the warming tray.” That's a visual image that kind of makes KFC's fried dish rag sound appealing. At least the fryer kills off the bugs, right?

Maggots aside, Aramark has had many more food complaints volleyed against it, including 65 cases where they ran out of food while serving inmates. You know how frustrated you get when someone takes too long ordering their Chipotle during the lunch-rush line? Now imagine that frustration but as experienced by a line of hungry, convicted criminals. Sounds like a pretty volatile situation, doesn't it?

Records also indicate cases of unauthorized relationships between Aramark employees and inmates. Hey, if I thought I could sweet talk my way into some extra nuggets, I'd be flirting with staff, too. Nonetheless, 96 Aramark employees have already been banned from working in Ohio prisons, whether it be for inmate sexy-time, or just, ya know, the maggots thing.

Michigan, at least, is giving Aramark a second thought, what with having thirty inmates report symptoms consistent with food poisoning. Governor Rick Snyder may be rethinking the company's three-year, $145 million contract with the state, which is definitely a step in the right, maggot-free direction.

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