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Lululemon Yoga Pants Recalled: Cue Bougie Outrage!

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lululemon yoga pants

Quelle horreur! Have you heard? Lululemon is having a shortage of it's cult-y, $98 yoga pants. That's right—due to a recall, the retailer has removed the pants from its stores. Cue the hysteria in high-class suburbs around the country! Moms from Bethesda to Westchester will revolt!

Apparently, Lululemon found that the signature “Luon” material proved to be too sheer in a quantity of pants recently manufactured in Asia. Overall, 17% of Lululemon products will be affected. The company said:

“We have determined that certain shipments of product received from our factories and available in store from March 1, 2013 do not meet our technical specifications. The items affected are certain styles of women’s bottoms in our signature black Luon fabric. The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities of the pants remain the same but the coverage does not, resulting in a level of sheerness in some of our women’s black Luon bottoms that falls short of our very high standards.”

Lululemon has responded quickly to the pants crisis of 2013: They've even put a comprehensive FAQ up over at the Lululemon website. Anyone who has purchased a pair since March 1 can bring them back for a full refund or exchange.

This situation is expected to have a dramatic effect on the company's finances, as reports say the company's stock value has fallen and their expected revenue for the first quarter is not as large as first projected.

Now, I've never tried a pair of Lululemon pants. Maybe they are truly God's gift to women's butts in terms of comfort and ease and bougie satisfaction. But it's likely that I'll never know, because I will never ever ever ever pay close to $100 for a pair of yoga pants. The pants I get on sale at Marshall's will do me just fine, thanks. Although, I have to say wouldn't mind a pair of the reject sheer pants, if I could get them for cheap. Heading over to Ebay right now…

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