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Lucky Charms Will Release Cereal With Only The Best Ingredients: Marshmallows

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For most of us, Lucky Charms was the golden cereal. It was the cereal we all wanted, but our parents feared it — for the sugar high and cavities it would inevitably give us, and for the creepy leprechaun.

Despite of all their well wishes and many dentist appointments, our parents’ greatest fear is now a reality. General Mills has decided to release boxes of the happy-go-lucky cereal with only the best ingredients: Marshmallows.

Lucky Charms’ marshmallow-only boxes sound like a dream come true. And while they are truly a “unicorn of the cereal world,” just 10 VERY lucky customers will get these orgasmic boxes. Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms are, unfortunately, tied to a marketing campaign. To win one of these magical boxes, you need to post a picture of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Twitter or Instagram.

While you could just revert back to your childhood days and manually pick out all of the marshmallows (because I know you did, we all did), you probably really need to win one, don’t you?

Hurry up and set your Instagram filters!

Image via General Mills