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8 Under-The-Radar Vegetarian Celebrities

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Michelle Pfeiffer (via PacificCoastNews.com )

PETA is promoting a round-up of “25 celebrities who won't be eating turkey on Thanksgiving.” It's mostly the usual suspects: Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Russel Brand, Natalie Portman — the same famous vegetarians and vegans you see mentioned over and over again in magazines and entertainment talk shows. Since it is Thanksgiving, and I see no reason not to keep things light and fluffy around here today, I decided to seek out vegetarian celebrities who are more low-key about not eating meat — folks unlikely to grace awful PETA ads, write personal essays about why they went vegetarian or dole out 5-minute veggie recipes in Better Homes & Garden. And here we are: 8 celebrities whose vegetarianism flies under the radar (or is even a little surprising).

Vincent Kartheiser // Photo via zimbio.com

1. Vincent Kartheiser

Betty White // Photo: Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

2. Betty White:

White has been a vegetarian for almost three decades — people say she turned Bob Barker onto animal welfare issues. Huh. Maybe her vegetarianism isn't news to anyone but me. Did you know this?

Anna Paquin by  Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com

3. Anna Paquin

Alan Cumming

4. Alan Cumming

Cumming went from vegetarianism to veganism earlier this year, tweeting at the time: “That’s it. I was toying with going the whole hog to veganism and now I see Mike Tyson is the new Vegan posterboy! Sold! Get ye back, seitan!”

Jessica Paré (by Demis Maryannakis, PacificCoastNews.com)

5.  Jessica Paré (aka Megan Draper on Mad Men)

Vanilla Ice

6.  Vanilla Ice

The rapper went vegetarian a few years ago because of his high cholesterol. Which is, like, the least hardcore thing ever. But awesome. Good job, Vanilla Ice.

Michelle Pfeiffer (via PacificCoastNews.com )

7.  Michelle Pfeiffer

Noah Wyle (Photo by Ben Dome, PacificCoastNews.com)

8.  Noah Wyle

Vegan Ryan Gosling

Not Ryan Gosling

I just wanted to share this vegan Ryan Gosling Thanksgiving meme.