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“Lose Weight Like a Guy”: Magazines That Give Fitness a Bad Name

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We do not hold the keys to a perfect body in the offices of Blisstree.com, but we are smart enough to know a useful fitness tip when we see one. Unfortunately, some of Self‘s “Lose Weight Like a Guy” tips are a little less than useful. Among their tips are to “grunt, groan and sweat” like a guy:

Those Neanderthal noises you hear from the guy one treadmill over? They signal intensity, and he's on to something: You burn more fat and tone muscles in less time with gasp-inducing cardio intervals — short, go all-out stints interspersped with stretches at a slower pace — than with a steady-as-she-goes approach.

Women have heard of interval training, and we've also been told that it's a great way to torch calories and get fit faster, so why is this “guy's territory”? We don't have to grunt to train smartly, thank-you-very-much.