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If You’re Not Eating Steak And Drinking Beer, You’re Dieting Wrong

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If You re Not Eating Steak And Drinking Beer  You re Dieting Wrong shutterstock 9723865 640x426 jpgEverything you’ve been told about dieting might be a fallacy. Instead of eating like a bird (salads, nuts, leafy greens), dietitian and personal trainer Jim White says women should ‘eat like a man‘—ditching diet foods in turn for steaks and full fat ingredients.

While the term ‘eat like a man’ rubs me the wrong way (pointing out similar gender stereotypes the recent ‘Run Like A Girl‘ campaign stirred up), the idea of what I think it means gets me exited.

Ditching diet foods in favor of full fat alternatives? Grabbing a beer instead of a cocktail? That’s way more my style than picking anything off a reduced-calorie menu!

White believes that the aforementioned ‘dude-style habits,’ and others like it, can help women successfully drop pounds.

Okay, that sounds amazing. But does it actually work?

Citing research from the University of Toronto, White says:

“‘Restrained eaters are more likely to overeat before starting a diet and binge after they end it than ones who don’t go on restrictive diets.”

Okay, that makes sense. Another good point?

Men rarely ever diet–though they may try to eat healthier or better, it’s uncommon to hear the D-word come out of a guy’s mouth.

So how exactly can women reap the benefits of the alpha-male’s eating habits?

First, White advises women to be skeptical of low-calorie foods labeled ‘diet,’ because they often lack fat and protein to keep us feeling full, and can be hiding extra sugar and sodium (yuck). Next up is trading your sad salad for a savory steak, because protein will keep you fuller longer and is essential for dropping pounds. At the bar, order a beer instead of a cocktail, which is lower in calories and also help you feel full. And among all other things, drink water, eat more often and don’t deprive yourself.

I’ll be honest: According to these guidelines, I typically ‘eat like a man’ every day. Really, I’m just eating like myself–and I’m sure tons of other women have similar eating styles.

For those who haven’t, don’t expect drastic results crazy fast: Thanks to testosterone, men lose weight faster than women do. But at the very least, if you have been depriving yourself, maybe it’s time to give it a try.

If anything, it’s an excuse to eat more steak and drink more beer–and I, for one, love those incentives!

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