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WTF: Woman Found A Lizard Head In Her Fancy Schmancy NYC Salad

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robin sandusky lizard head

Photo via Robin Sandusky

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon for Robin Sandusky, 31, a theatrical coordinator with Rodgers and Hammerstein. She ordered her usual salad from Guy & Gallard in Chelsea, but when it was delivered, the salad was anything but typical. In her lunch, tucked away among the greens there lied a lizard head. A lizard head. A lizard head. A LIZARD HEAD. 

Sandusky told the Daily News that she “just grossed out” as one is wont to do when they discover decapitated reptilian heads in their food.

“I thought it was a piece of asparagus, but then I saw the eye.”

Unless you're specifically ordering and eating eyeballs, you never want your food to be able to look at you. Luckily, Sandusky isn't too traumatized by the incident. She said that she's “going to be fine tomorrow, but right now [she's] still a little freaked out.”

When Sandusky called the restaurant to let them know the salad they delivered included a lizard head that she did not order, Guy & Gallard offered to replace it, but she understandably chose the $4.25 refund. An unnamed manager at the popular lunch spot said that the salad that was returned did not have any lizard heads in it at all, but they still graciously refunded her money.

Contemplating this gross-out story leaves me with a number of questions like: Where is that lizard head now? Will the restaurant be adding lizard heads as a salad add-on option? How long will it take for me to forget about this so that I can eat salads without mining through looking for reptile faces? How many lizards are there in New York? Would a lizard be upset to find a human head in their food?

Via NY Daily News//Photo via Robin Sandusky