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Live and let die

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I bet you have heard the Beatles song in fact I did today and it started me thinking…..maybe it should be our theme song. Just look at the title…

 Live……possibly the most difficult thing when you have lost someone. Living seems almost secondary to the pain, but we must cherish the wonderful gift of life – remember we are mourning the loss of one life, which shows how precious a life is to the human race. So we need to dig deep and learn to live again, learn to smile again and learn that we are strong enough on our own, to not only face the difficulties but to cherish the joys that are waiting, lurking for us in the future.beautiflmodelvswall.jpg

And Let Die…...maybe the key to it all for us. We have to let go of the past…..let go of the hope that they have not died…let go of the fact that there is nothing that we can do to change what has happened. Letting them go is hard, but in reality they have gone…they have died. Our memories live on but they are memories – they should help shape us as people but should not stop us from creating new memories and certainly not stop us from living.

It is even hard to write the words, but there is always a time that we must LIVE AND LET DIE…..