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Little A Designs His Room

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Oh I'm sure your first thought was oh boy he is designing his own room, which you are partly right. Little A, who just so happens to be 2-years-old decided that he

IMG: Eliza Ferree

IMG: Eliza Ferree

wanted to re-design his room. He shares a room with his older brother for now, until we are brave enough to let SoccerBoy move downstairs.

Currently their bedroom has been divided in two parts, his big brother and his own. They both have their own side and enough space not to bother the other, but one problem we've been having is since Little A moved out of our room we are constantly finding him in his big brother's bed by the time we wake in the morning. He simply gets scared and climbs into bed with him. Yesterday I found him literally scooting/dragging his toddler bed closer to his big brother's bed. He looked so proud when he was done too, all smiles and grabbing my hand to show me. We did keep the bed like this and last night, he slept all night in his bed. Hmmm, maybe we just had to have him closer to someone right?

Course today I also found him re-painting his walls. Yep, you guessed it permanent marker and black at that. These are beige colored walls, thank goodness Mr.Clean Erasers work so well. Has your little one designed his room lately?