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Lisa’s Super Sexy Femme Fatale Workout Playlist

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Woman Listening to Music when Working OutWhen I work out, I usually go with a super eclectic range of music, from vintage tracks to dirty pop to 1990s hits. I just need a balance, though recently I've overdone it on the top 40s hits—Katy Perry, Ke$ha.

Songs on my list will help you really move (Katy Perry's “TGIF”) and others will help you cool down (CocoRosie's “Smokey Taboo”). All of them are hand-picked to provide the ebbs and flows of a workout: intensity, light workout, cool-down. Plus, I'm proud to say that they're not totally obvious picks, though I've got some of those too.

Go for it, ladies!

LMB's Femme Fatale Workout Mix from LisaMarieBasile on 8tracks Radio.