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Link Like: Our 5 Faves On The Web This Week

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Be a Square on 10/10/10 — And watch Powers of Ten, the cool 1968 film about scale by influential designers Charles and Ray Eames. (via GOOD)

Stephen Colbert on “Environmental Ear Pollution” (Video) — Could somebody please turn down the SunChip bags and practically silent wind turbines? (via Treehugger)

“It Gets Better” — New video project spearheaded by columnist Dan Savage following the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, to combat teen bullying, support GLBTQ youth, and prevent suicides. (via Urlesque)

Pipe Down, Ladies — Check out these three famous broads accused of punching in public. (via The Frisky)

Woman Finds Jesus — In her oral cancer MRI. You kind of have to see this one. (via Urlesque)