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Lindsey Vonn Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Body Snarking On Skinny People

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 Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn walks the runway at Go Red For Women The Heart Truth Red Dress CollectionBefore walking the runway at the Go Red For Women The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show at New York Fashion Week, injured Olympic Skier and renowned body-shamer Lindsey Vonn, talked more about what's wrong with other people's bodies with Women's Wear Daily. It feels like we were just talking about Vonn's body snarking the other day, because we were. This time around, the target of her shaming remains fashion models.

Here are some of her more recent less-than-body-positive gems:

“I've been to a lot of photo shoots and I just see these girls that are really thin…They're not healthy.”

No one, not even Lindsey Vonn, can tell if someone is healthy just by using their eyes as a diagnostic tool. She sees that these women are “really thin” and assumes they aren't healthy, but as far as we know, she wasn't hired as a medic for the fashion shoots she's been to and her judgmental allegations against the models are rude.

“They don't work out. Health—that's one of the reasons I am out tonight. Just in general staying healthy and active is important.”

 Staying healthy and active is important– to Lindsey Vonn. Fitness and health aren't everyone's priorities; they don't have to be. It's great when people are and Lindsey Vonn could serve as a great role model with positive body image, if only she would stop making mean comments about people whose bodies differ from her own.

“It may look good in a magazine, but it's not healthy.”

Whether or not it's healthy is none of her business. It might not be healthy for some models, but others might naturally look like that. Some might exercise like crazy, but Vonn wouldn't know that and just assumes they don't.


“And girls who are that skinny are actually fat. You can see the cellulite on their legs and on their butts.”

Ugh this is the worst. Why is she scrutinizing the legs and butts of skinny women? Just to snark on them? Just to feel better about her athletic body? By the way, skinny women aren't actually fat; they're skinny. The whole concept of “skinny-fat” is really weird and mean. Skinny-fat shames two kinds of bodies at once. It creates a no-win situation that punishes skinny people for not doing skinny the right way.

“You know I have cellulite too but I go to the gym and I try to eat healthy. I think that's a better model for girls to look up to than skinny people who need to eat more.”

Though I appreciate the admission to having cellulite herself, Lindsey Vonn needs to get off that high horse. Her olympic gold medal winning body is just as unattainable as a fashion model's for most girls. A world class skier can be an amazing role model for little girls, she can be a better role model by acting like a good person and not making outlandish statements about what other people need to eat and how much cellulite they have.

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