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Limited Edition Twix Java

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twix java

When I found the M&M's last week I also found the much-talked about Twix Java. I hesitated, though. As much as I love coffee and many coffee-flavored things, there's also the chance of getting the very fake coffee flavor which I don't find appealing.

Each package is 2 ounces and contains the two standard Twix bars. The package says it's “Coffee, Caramel & Chocolate Cookie Covered in Milk Chocolate.”

twix java

You can see the chocolate cookie in the bottom layer, followed by a little more chocolate and then the caramel on top. Though I'm not a huge caramel fan I've always liked Twix (I still miss the Cookies & Cream). This one was crunchy and chewy, as you'd expect, but overall I wasn't crazy about the coffee flavoring. I managed to make it through one bar but couldn't start on the second, so it was put away for later.

Overall it wasn't bad! I know that's not a glowing review but still, it's chocolate, cookie, and coffee. With a combination like that it's kind of like pizza – even when it's not that great it's still pretty good!