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Lilah Parsons’ Model Agency Told Her That She Has To Lose Weight

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Lilah Parsons attends the gala awards show for Graduate Fashion Week 2013How scary is it that MTV is chiller than fashion is when it comes to women's bodies?

Lilah Parsons, a model turned media personality has been told she needs to lose weight by Models1, “Europe's Leading Model Agency.” The 25 year old who had previously modeled for Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, put on weight when she gave up modeling full-time in order to be on-camera for MTV.

“I have been concentrating on my TV career recently and it’s great, there is less pressure on a TV presenter to be a certain size so I probably haven’t watched what I have eaten so much.”

It's not like there isn't a ton of pressure to look a certain way on TV, so it's particularly disturbing that being on MTV is basically a bacchanal free-for-all of gluttony compared to modeling.

“And when you’re on set you’re grabbing something quick and easy to eat, which isn’t always the healthy option.”

This is super true. When I worked in production, I did not go a sing day without eating at least one variety of cake.

“So it’s fair to say that I have gone up a size or two since I was modelling full time. And unfortunately size 12s don’t fit in the designer’s sample sizes. And because I want to carry on modelling, this is something I have been told to consider.”

She can and should do whatever she wants, but I'm so sick of this sample size excuse. Make bigger sample samples. Even slightly bigger. Fashion people act like their hands are tied and they couldn't possibly include models with marginally larger bodies. Bullshit.

“Over the years I have seen many young girls diet irresponsibly as they believe that’s the way to make it as a model. It’s very sad to see but there is so much pressure.”

Very sad. Very sad indeed.

Parsons told the Evening Standard that though she “loves” food and does not believe in “irresponsible” dieting, she's put herself on a five-day juice regime in order to lose weight and model again. Get it, girl. Do whatever you want…lose weight, gain weight, work for MTV, model for people who don't think you're good enough, who cares. However, a lot of people don't consider skipping solid foods for 5 days is responsible dieting. She has also joined a gym and acquired a trainer, both of those things are totally responsible.

On the bright side, while this whole Lilah-Parsons-needs-to-lose-weight conundrum is predictable and fucked up, it's cool that Models1 agency didn't tell her 25 year old ass to be 10 years younger.

Story via Evening Standard//Image via Getty