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Lighten Up People, Banning Big-Ass Sodas Doesn’t Make Us Communists

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Wow, so yesterday I wrote about New York City's mayor wanting to ban large sodas–something that I'm all for. But apparently, not all of you are with me on that. Many of you commented that implementing such a ban would be un-American, unconstitutional and downright wrong. One of you even called me a nazi. To which I have to say: Lighten up! Since when is trying to make our nation healthier a bad thing?

Jaye wrote:

First off, the article sounds like it was written by a damn nazi, like the end justifies the means type of thing.

Banning things will NEVER solve a problem. Remember prohibition? People are going to eat and drink what they want and we truly have NO RIGHT to stop them. Help them, counsel them, motivate them to do better for the right reasons (AKA not the almighty dollar) and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

This article smacks of ‘it’s okay to take away freedoms because it’s for their own good. No. You are wrong. Taking away freedoms is not what made this country, and it will not be what saves our country.

Mylinda added:

I don't drink SUPER SIZE anything – but letting the government tell me I CAN'T?? That's just not right

And then Leigh added:

This is STUPID! Go all the way then! Put a limit on alcohol sales! How much is that costing, because of all the bad health, and accidents associated with it?? Put a limit on tobacco! Put a limit on anything and everything that is bad for you! The mayor and the person that wrote this article can both kiss my big fat a**!!!!

No, I don't want to kiss your big fat ass, I just don't want to pay for anyone's fat ass. That may sound harsh, but it's the reality, folks. Our health care costs are out of control, and we (you and I) are the ones who are picking up the tab. And you know why? Because too many Americans don't give a shit about their health. That's just the truth.

You can state that America is a free country, and we should all have free will when it comes to what we put in our mouths. And I agree with that. Until people prove that they can't do so responsibly without affecting others–then we need to take away some of that free will. Living in a free country does not entitle us to necessarily do whatever we want. It simply entitles us to choose those who we want to run our government, like Bloomberg. If you like his approach, vote for him or others with similar values next time. If not, don't. But when he's in office (because some of you put him there), he has a responsibility to act in the best interest of the people, and that's what he's doing, like it or not.

We've been educating people on how to eat healthy for what seems like forever, and for whatever reason, the majority of Americans are not listening. So maybe it's time for the government to step in.

I'm all for people doing whatever they want, as long as it doesn't impact me or innocent others. Like, I don't really care if people want to smoke. Just don't do it around me. Save it for your own home or your own car and don't expose others to your poisons (like children). And don't expect the health care system to pay for all of your medical bills if you get lung cancer. It's just not right or responsible to expect others to pay for your unhealthy habits.

Same goes for big-ass sodas. Soda is just crap for your body. There is no reason anyone has to drink it. Sure, I enjoy an occasional Coke from time to time, but the idea of dumping that much sugar into my body is so unappealing. There is nothing beneficial or positive or healthy about doing so. And if some people can't control their soda-drinking habits, then let's start limiting them in an effort to protect all of our rights when it comes to how our money is spent.

Like I said before, I know this isn't going to solve the obesity crisis, but it's a start. Maybe super-sized fast food meals should be next.


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