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Lifestyles Channel Launch

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dinnerparty.jpgI'm going to spend the next hour or two clicking around and getting to know my new neighbors.

This from Gayla McCord, master of the new Lifestyle's Channel at b5media:

This month, along with the magic that begins to fill the air from the approaching holiday season, I’ve been given the honor of composing the official welcome to the new Lifestyles channel here at b5media.

The new mega channel has been formed by merging the channels formerly known as Family & Relationships, Arts & Design and Home & Dining.

For those familiar with b5media and the early days of the network, you might remember a Lifestyles channel that was sort of a mix of blogs that were lacking a solid, common bond. This channel will have a much tighter focus and will encompass everything that goes in home and family style topics. The three channels have developed a very similar demographic and can work together as one fantastic resource that promises to be both informational and entertaining to its readers.

To celebrate a bit and help our readers get to know our talented bloggers a bit better, periodically, we will introduce two random guests from around the Lifestyles channel by having them participate in a mini-interview of sorts. This week I’d like to introduce you to Karen Weideman from Thrifty Mommy and Julie Bonner from Declutter It and Play Library.

First, meet Karen:

1. Since joining b5media and writing for Thrifty Mommy, what has been the one most memorable moment you’ve experienced?

The most memorable moment I’ve experience while writing for Thrifty Mommy was in February of this year. I was driving home from church and my husband, who was riding in a separate car, called me to tell me to turn the radio to The Cooper Lawrence Show. When I did, I discovered that she was reading my tips, 50 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill. Since then, Cooper has had me on the show twice and on Thursday nights she does a Thrifty Mommy segment featuring Thrifty Mommy tips.

2. Let’s the father to a family of 5 was recently laid off, what’s the single best thrifty tip you would offer him?

Wow, that’s a hard one. There are so many tips to share. I guess I would tell him to let his friends and family know of his situation and not to turn down any help that they might offer.

3. Do you feel you’ve learned to be more frugal as the result of writing Thrifty Mommy or were you always frugal?

I was raised by a very frugal mom. She taught me through her thrifty lifestyle. We always headed to the clearance racks, used coupons, compared price per unit, and tried to find the best deal we possibly could. Writing for Thrifty Mommy has caused me to search more for frugal tips that I might not have thought of on my own. I’ve also discovered that there are many resources out there to help you save money.

Be sure to check out all the Thrifty Thanksgiving Ideas on Thrifty Mommy.

And now, meet Julie:

1. Since joining b5media and writing DeClutter It, what has been the one most memorable moment you’ve experienced?

I would have to say that my most memorable all around has been the friends I have made. I had no idea about the awesome community that I was entering. I’ve met people through blogging with b5media that I am different from in so many ways, but we all share the same passions and that’s blogging and helping others. All of our mixed personalities make this one heck of a fun place to be! I feel like I have made friends for life through this experience and that, I am very thankful for.

2. What one television or celebrity family would you like to be invited in to help get organized and why?

Oh, that’s an easy one. One of my favorite shows is “Little People, Big World” on TLC. That family is absolutely amazing. They have overcome so many obstacles in their lives and are managing to raise a wonderful family through it all. But, I’ve noticed their house is a bit disorganized. They have four kids and a very busy lifestyle, so I would love to go into their home and organize every room to suit their needs, and then set up a system to help them keep it that way. I guess now I’ll just sit back and wait for TLC to call me.

3. Do you feel you’ve learned to be more organized as the result of writing Declutter It or were you always organized? And if always where did you get your organizational skills from?

I have always been organized. I was the friend who would come over to spend the night and help you clean your room. For some odd reason, I enjoyed it.

I’ve learned new organizational skills and ideas from my amazing readers – that’s been one of the most fun aspects of writing at Declutter It! It’s nice that my blog connects me with people who are like-minded and we can bounce ideas off of each other.

My organizational skills are a combination of both my mom and dad. My dad was in the Navy, so he helped teach me how to get a house in tip top shape. My mom was a full time working woman who had to juggle work, family and the home. Now that I am older, I realize what a hard job that is. At a very young age I could organize a closet and bake a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies and I have my parents to thank for that.

If you’re linen closet is more like a catch all area, be sure to check out this step-by-step guide on How to Organize a Linen Closet.

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In the last couple of weeks, we’ve encountered another transition by saying goodbye to Rebecca Lehman at Mother Earth’s Garden and welcoming in a brand new blogger to b5media, Linette Gerlach. Linette is sharing an old fashioned remedy for creepy crawlies that love your warm house in the winters. This is a practice that’s been in my family for years.

Now for all you lucky types out there, have we got a contest for you! Ever thought about wearing a chocolate t-shirt? Well now you can. All you have to do is leave a comment telling of a chocolate or chocolate product you’re thankful for and you could be wearing the t-shirt to show just how thankful you are.

Of course my channel tour could go on and on, but I’ll leave the rest to you to uncover. Just look to the right side of the screen, click on the word Lifestyles and unlock a whole treasure trove of goodies just waiting to be discovered by you!