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Lifesize Wedding Cakes, Anyone?

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I know people want to do unique and unusual things at their weddings to make them enjoyable and memorable to the couple and their guests but this, this goes to my book of weird stuff! I am not sure if I am comfortable slicing our wedding cake if it's lifesize replica of myself. It just seems….weird!

It was a childhood dream for Chidi Ogbuta.

Chidi says “growing up in Nigeria I always wanted a doll to made in my likeness, that didn't happen so I got the cake.”

But who could make a cake that was 5 feet 4 inches tall?

Cake decorator Nikki Jackson says “she said she wanted a to recreate her in cake, I dodged her calls for a while, I didn't think i was up for the challenge.”

But Chidi persisted.

Chidi said “I said I know you can, don't tell me no.”

So she started on cake while a sculptor from Austin created the head.

This is where the magic happened, Nikki was in here for 20 hours a day for two weeks to finish the cake.

That was the easy part, the hard part was getting it out the door.

Nikki says “we had to take the door frame off to get her out.”

But it was a masterpiece from sculpted clay head to toe.

Chidi says “I was like oh my God! I felt my dream had come true!”

Guests had to do a double take when they saw the cake.

The groom says “they were hilarious, they're eyes were popping out of their heads. They had cameras, cell phones and they were calling people.”

So, was cutting the cake a little weird?

Chidi says “we felt it was just a cake but my little girl was like Mommy are they going to cut you?”

Chidi and her husband never thought their wedding cake would get this much attention.

Via Metro UK