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PETA Sends Lettuce Clad Vegan Temptresses Around The World

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PETA Sends Lettuce Clad Vegan Temptresses Around The World PETA Asia Pacific Lettuce Ladies Guangzhou 2008 640x583 jpg

The point of this post is to point out the ongoing weirdness that is PETA. In Toronto, lettuce-clad PETA temptresses will take to city hall, where the mayor is for some reason participating in a public weigh-in. Yes, that’s weird. But weirder yet: It is only a blip in Lettuce Lady history.

The Toronto Star’s urban affairs reporter reports:

The vegans will be clothed in lettuce. Only lettuce. They will be carrying vegan jerky, which is a thing. And they will be offering it to Rob Ford at his public weigh-in on Monday, as part of an effort to convince the dieting mayor to become a vegan himself.

So, that. Also, it turns out Mayor Ford has been doing public weigh-ins since January, as part of an ongoing dieting pact with his brother in an attempt to lose 50 pounds by June. So far, Ford’s down 22 pounds (from 330) and his brother is down 27 pounds (from 275). Lately, they’ve been canceling public weigh-ins without reason and apparently not doing well. Heck, maybe they should go vegan (it’s not that bad, guys!).

But back to the Lettuce Ladies …. OMG. And then Sigh. And then however else I can express my ongoing disappointment that PETA exists, or at least exists as it does (as the obnoxious, bad college performance artist of the vegetarian/vegan world).

The Lettuce Ladies have been around for a few years. They work in conjunction with the (less-popular) Broccoli Boys, as promo-reps for vegetarian and vegan eating (like beer girls who give you carrots instead of bottle-top openers). For more on these leafy lovelies—PETA’s words, not mine—click through. The fun starts with Elizabeth Berkley and ends in Kazakhstan.