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Lena Dunham Calmly Explains Obesity To Howard Stern

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After she won two Golden Globes, Howard Stern apologized on air for calling Lena Dunham fat on his show awhile back. Now that he's actually watched her show, Girls, he thinks she's talented and loves her. She wouldn't be blamed for ignoring Stern's cry for attention in the wake of her success, but she was gracious enough to call in and accept his apology yesterday…and give him a primer on what's really considered fat.

After she issued forgiveness for his comment (describing the writer and star of Girls as “a little fat chick who sort of looks like Jonah Hill and keeps taking her clothes off”), Stern gushed:

“I'm in love with you and your character. I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and I think you're terrific.”

But Dunham took the chance to rectify his comments about her weight (humorously, of course):

“I'm not that fat, Howard. I’m not super-thin, but I'm thin for, like, Detroit.”

To which the radio host responded, “you're not obese or anything.”

Well, he may have missed the point, but she made a good one: Just because she falls on the heavy side of Hollywood norms doesn't make her “fat.”

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