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Lean Cuisine Recalls Mushroom And Glass Ravioli

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I hope you don't eat Lean Cuisines. I hope you don't eat Lean Cuisines with the fiery passion of someone who used to eat a ton of Lean Cuisines. But if you do eat Lean Cuisines, you should probably know that some of them are being recalled for containing shards of glass.

Via NBCNews.com: Lean Cuisine ravioli packages are being voluntarily recalled by manufacturer Nestlé, after three customers reported finding glass in their tasteless frozen lunches. None were injured.

All three glass incidents occurred with “Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli,” from the Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection (fancy!). The recall applies only to packages with the production codes 2311587812 or 2312587812 and the “best by” date of December 2013, according to the FDA.

Nestlé said the inventory was produced in November 2012. The company believes very little remains on store shelves but urges customers to check their freezers. To locate the production code, look for the gray “proof of purchase” panel on the right end flap of the package, below the ingredient list.

I'd be amiss to post about Lean Cuisine without mentioning that these calorie-conscious lunches are bullshit for so many reasons: Crazy high sodium content, low nutrient content, rubbery and tasteless food and too few nutrients to keep you full for more than 20 minutes. Next time you're in the freezer aisle and tempted to pick up a low-calorie or low-fat microwave meal, try grabbing some heart-healthy frozen edamame or one of the low-sodium, whole-grain dishes from Amy's.

Photos: Screenshots from LeanCuisine.com