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The Daily Mail Decided To Body Snark Lea Michele For Grieving Like A Human Being

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Lea Michele attends ELLE's 20th Annual Women In Hollywood CelebrationA few months ago, Lea Michele (who can belt like a diva from a bygone era) lost her (rumored) fiance, fellow Glee star, Cory Monteith. Since her love departed this world, Michele has displayed heart wrenching bravery, an inspirational work ethic and understandable anguish. Unfortunately, to darker parts of the internet, her body is all that matters. The grief-stricken body is the new post baby body, I guess.

The actress attended Elle's Women in Hollywood Celebration and the website without standards, The Daily Mail, took pictures from an event honoring women as an opportunity to body snark a woman. Apparently, the photos from the event showed what the DM considers a jarringly thin body that needed to be commented on in a garbage article titled “Grief-stricken Lea Michele displays her painfully thin figure in cut-out dress at Elle Women In Hollywood event.”

Michele is grieving; that specific type of suffering is often paired with a loss of appetite, so perhaps she really is losing rapid amounts of weight; however, that doesn't mean The Daily Mail should exploit her despair. Honestly, she looks fine, she looks beautiful, she looks sad. This piece is low, even for a publication as grimy as The Daily Mail.

Anyway, Lea Michele's weight loss really isn't so dramatic, but the deplorable rag can't help but make news out of nothing. This article is most indicative of their obsession with weight and callous disregard for the people behind their posts.

Here are a few of the elegant digs at Lea Michele's body:

  • Lea, 27, was shockingly thin in a white frock with cut-out detail that revealed her waspish waistline.
  • Lea's mahogany hair was swept severely back from her face and allowed to cascade down her bony back.
  • The crinkled fabric of her dress resembled cloth bandages, reminding of the heartbreak Lea has gone through since Cory's untimely passing three months ago
  • The Glee star's weight loss could be seen in her thin arms and hollowed abs
  • Lea posed this way and that, but she still looked gaunt

The Mail is exploiting trauma, grief, and needlessly criticizing a woman's body. It's pretty typical for them, but in this instance it seems particularly artless and grotesque. Leave Lea Michele alone, you tasteless scavengers.

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