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Le Baby Hair Gel Review

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Le Baby recently sent me a free sample of their “LE BABY,” which is a chemical-free and fragrance-free hair gel. This is perfect for babies, kids and anyone else with sensitive skin. Le Baby Hair Gel Review lebabygel 73x300 jpg

The hair gel was created by a Tami Dimmerman, a mom that wanted something safe for her own daughter’s eczema and sensitive scalp.  After several months she created her own formula thanks to a chemist and a lot of testing of natural products, which became LE BABY.

Another thing I liked about it is after applying it to my 2-year-old’s hair my hands weren’t all sticky and gross like most hair gels do.  Just to let you know, I’m one of those that hate putting anything in my own hair which means putting something in my child’s hair is going to require a lot to convince me it is okay. But with Fall coming I know my kids will ask more for hair products, which means finding something.

LE BABY hair gel actually works for me.  I have no clue if my son has sensitive skin but his oldest sister has a sensitive birthmark on the side of her head (right above her ear) so this is perfect for her and she’s at that part in her life where styling her hair means a lot.

Le Baby Hair Gel Review lebaby2 225x300 jpgLe Baby Hair Gel Review lebaby 225x300 jpg

As you can see by the pictures, Little A (my 2-year-old-son) and I played with different hairstyles and ended up sticking with the spiked look. It dries fairly quickly which is great and it doesn’t have a strong scent. This year I plan on making him into a Marine or a Vampire with spiked hair for Halloween, this is the gel I plan on using to do it. Granted the oldest (he’s 12) will probably want hair color in his, the other three will look great in this and it washes out easily. (definite bonus on Halloween)

For those interested the LE BABY hair gel runs at $9.95 a bottle and be ordered through the link provided: LE BABY hair gel.

Images: Eliza Ferree