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Latest Fast Food Aberration: Baskin-Robbins’ Caramel-Glazed Turkey Cake

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What the world needs now is not ice cream in the shape of a turkey, but ice cream in the shape of a turkey we are going to get. With a glazed caramel shell over assorted ice cream flavors, the turkey cake is here. Gobble, gobble, barf.

From Baskin-Robbins, the cake is not flavored like turkey but merely shaped like one.  For those people who want their dessert in the most disgusting form possible, I guess.

Baskin-Robbins first introduced the turkey cake back in the 70s, but it went the way of jello molds. Then the cake was re-introduced by the company in 2008 — with a twist. This time, it wasn't just ice cream in the shape of a turkey but ice cream in the shape of a turkey coated in a weird shellacked-looking brown sugar goo.

So: the shell is new to the 21st century version. And this year brings yet another twist: Ice cream drumsticks. Customers who don't want the whole confectionary bird can buy individual turkey legs — same ice cream, same caramel glaze, plus a sugar cone.

Hey, did you hear diabetes rates are at a record high?

Wah, wah. I'm sure the turkey cake can't be much more fat and sugar filled then Baskin-Robbin's regular fare, and to each his own, y'all, but  — this thing doesn't look appetizing. It Doesn't. Even. Look. Real.