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Last Minute Halloween Tips For Baby

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Mom and dad really love this time of year, especially if it is Baby’s first Halloween and they get to dress them up. They’ll be a ton of people oohing and ahhing but this year you may actually want to put a cage over baby in order to stop the spreading of germs.

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In years past we didn’t really think of such things but with the surge of “swine flu and flu” you never can tell and you want you baby to be safe. Keep a hands off policy this year.

–  Make sure never to take your eyes off baby, even if he/she is buckled up in a stroller it only takes a second to pull a baby from a stroller or a wagon. You don’t normally hear about kindappings on halloween, however with the recent murders and abductions of little girls one can’t be too safe.

–  Keep a blanket and jacket on hand, this way you can quickly put the jacket over your infant when you believe it is getting too cold. The blanket will be one extra measure depending on the weather.

–  Finally, sure letting them get all that sugar is fun but watch them carefully because those little fingers will grasp on both little and big and put them in their mouth.