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Laser Skin Tightening: What It Is & Why I Tried It

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What if there were a way erase wrinkles, zap sun spots and tighten up facial skin without surgery, injections or harsh chemical ingredients? OMG there is. It’s called laser skin tightening, and I tried it.

I would like to tell you that I tried it just to report back here — to avoid admitting to the sort of vanity that I’m about to admit to — but, alas! that’s not true. The truth is that about two years ago, I noticed my first wrinkle. Some might politely call it a “laugh line,” curling like an open-ended parentheses around the left side of my mouth. I despised the damn thing, which seemed to have just appeared all at once with no warning. Maybe it was natural for my age (27, then), maybe it was because my mom kept us out in the sun all summer sans sunblock as a kid, maybe it was the fact that I’d recently lost a good 20 pounds (alas!, again, one of the downsides of having little body fat is it makes wrinkles much more apparent) or because I’d smoked for nearly a decade. Probably all these things.

“You must laugh a lot,” laser aesthetician Lisa Corbit said to me when I pointed it out to her at my first appointment. “You must be a very happy girl!”

God bless her. I am a happy girl — and generally pretty low-maintenance once when it comes to beauty (I cut my own hair and the two manicures I’ve had in my life were bridal party requirements). But since I first noticed that wrinkle — and then another, smaller one beside it — it has haunted my otherwise serene self-image. I honestly cannot give you any perspective on these wrinkles — friends tell me they can barely see them, but that’s the kind of things friends say. All I know is that every time I looked at myself in the mirror, a video or a photograph, I noticed them, overshadowing anything else about my appearance.

So there’s some background. Not one for harsh synthetics in my skin care, I attacked those suckers with all the vitamin C and sea buckthorn serum and botanical oils I could find. But nothing would disappear that wrinkle (or the wrinkle dysmorphic disorder I was potentially developing). When I saw a Living Social deal for laser skin treatments, I pounced.

As far as anti-aging skin procedures go, laser treatments are one of the least risky and least invasive routes you can take — no knives or needles involved. And depending on the type of laser treatment and the condition you’re trying to treat, the results can range from mild to miraculous. According to a New York Times health guide, “lasers are currently the most effective exfoliation tools for eliminating wrinkles. Their unique advantage over other resurfacing methods is their ability to tighten the skin. A successful procedure can make patients look 10 – 20 years younger, and the results can last for up to 10 years.”

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