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Lance Armstrong Is Alive, Well and Biking In Hawaii…But He Still Won’t Talk Doping

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Since the USADA's report on Lance Armstrong‘s doping came out earlier this month, there's been a trickle of articles coming in about what the former pro biker is up to. Basically none provide actual insight into what Armstrong is going through right now–most are just paparazzi shots that show him wearing sports gear not made by his former sponsors. The latest headline, from TMZ, proclaims that Lance is back on his bike…as proven by invasive photos taken of him cycling recreationally in Hawaii. But they do prove that we still have a fascination with the cancer-surviving legend's actual, human response to making a mistake and getting caught, instead of canned tweets and speeches ignoring the elephant in the room.

TMZ's article is pretty much a non-story. Aside from the fact that his rep responded with a note about how Lance is trying to stay fit, all it is is a few photos of Lance on vacation in Hawaii, spotted “training … just for the hell of it.” (Which, if you care about your health, isn't a bad thing to do!)

These news stories are, quite frankly, not news, and not worth reading about. But outside of his Livestrong resignation and a short speech given at a charity ride a few days ago, Armstrong hasn't given his fans much else to focus on. And a lot of his fans–the ones who looked up to him as a source of inspiration while battling cancer, or helping their friends and family do the same–need and deserve some kind of answers from the man himself–instead of his reps or tabloid headlines detailing his exercise routine and outfits.

His latest tweet–which read, simply, “Alive and well in Hawaii,” led tabloids to their latest tidbit. But he's had enough time to ruminate; now he needs to give us more than 140 characters about how we can all make sense of his story.

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