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Amid Genetically Modified Foods Controversy, One Grocery Store Announces It Will Label GMOs

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Genetically modified foods are everywhere, especially in the United States. For those wondering what a GMO is, exactly, you can check out this piece from a while back. Basically, “GMOs are created by inserting a piece of DNA from the cells of one plant or animal into the cells of another. This reprograms the cells’ genetic blueprint, giving it new properties.” The potentially negative effects that may come from consuming these altered foods have raised concerns among many people regarding whether or not manufacturers should have to label GMOs. In light of this standoff between certain large food production corporations and those who want GMOs to be labeled, one grocery store has announced its intention on labeling them regardless.

That grocery store is Whole Foods! Anybody surprised? The chain, popular among organic and all-natural lovers, says it will label GMOs with information disclosing their genetically modified ingredients by 2018. According to Whole Foods, it is the first national grocery store chain to make a decision and set a deadline like this, and says that it has already been working with suppliers that oppose GMOs for years. Plus, they say, the store stocks over 3,000 GMO-free products, making them a good option for people who are wary of genetically altered food.

I admittedly have just become more aware of GMOs and am attempting to further that awareness. Fortunately, I live in Portland and it's rather easy to obtain non-genetically modified products, but that is not the case in many parts of the country. There are plenty of places where people have one grocery store and that's it — no choices, just one — so they must consume the food supplied by those chains. Hopefully, several grocery stores will start stocking more GMO-free products as well as making the choice to label GMOs.

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