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Will L-Glutamine Give Your Fitness Routine A Boost?

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Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.09.42 PMFitness types used to love creatine, then they flirted with l-arginine, and now, l-glutamine is the newest crush on the (protein-building) block.

Bodybuilders and high-performance athletes have been using l-glutamine (also referred to as glutamine) supplements and powders for years because of a perception that the amino acid helps you retain muscle and recover from workout strain. Now, the trend has trickled down to more recreational exercisers hitting the gym or boutique fitness studios.

At Barry’s Bootcamp, the workout’s devotees now ask for l-glutamine by name in their smoothies and swear by its magical powers for sore muscles, says Chris Schrier, the manager and walking encyclopedia of nutritional facts at Barry’s Fuel Bar. And trainers all over town have been recommending it after sweat sessions.


L-glutamine, like all amino acids, is a protein building block. It’s made in the muscles (in amounts often referred to as “abundant”), and the body uses it for a variety of things—like immune system function and digestive issues.

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