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Wellness TV: Kristin Davis To Star In The Happiness Project On NBC

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Actress Kristin Davis recently appeared on The Late Show With Craig Ferguson to talk about a new show she’s developing for NBC, based on The Happiness Project, a memoir written by Gretchen Rubin. Beyond our happiness (no pun intended) that Davis is finally done working on the Sex and the City franchise (we may have gotten into the show, but those awful movies pushed us over the edge), we’re actually excited to see how Rubin’s book translates into a sitcom.

If you’re not familiar with her, Rubin is a bestselling author who decided to take on the subject of what makes humans happy, resulting in a personal memoir about her own experiences and experiments in improving her mindset, as well as scientific research, philosophical theories, and practical advice on the topic of improving your sense of happiness and well-being. Rubin has also developed a following on her website, where she regularly posts about her “daily adventures in pursuit of happiness,” according to her masthead.

Below, Davis talks about her plans to get the show on NBC, and gives her own interpretation of what the book is about: