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Someone Tell Kraft That The Chemicals In Their Cheese Are Part Of The Charm

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Someone Tell Kraft That The Chemicals In Their Cheese Are Part Of The Charm kraft singles 640x430 jpgI may roll my eyes at food trends like cronut burgers and ramen pizza cupcakes, but I’m digging this new trend of companies altering food recipes to be more natural (whatever that really means). People aren’t drinking diet soda so much anymore, Subway is removing  yoga mat chemicals from its bread, and now Kraft is removing an artificial preservatives from its famous individually wrapped cheese food product slices.

According to The Associated Press, in an effort to please the growing number of Americans who “try to stick to diets they feel are natural,” they will be removing a chemical preservative  called sorbic acid and replacing it with natamycin. Kraft says that natamycin is a “natural mold inhibitor.” The change will affect Kraft Singles in full-fat American and White American varieties, the brand’s biggest sellers.

Removing creepy chemical preservatives is a bold move on Kraft’s part, particularly if you consider what else is in a Kraft Single. I thought they were comprised mostly of chemicals–the chemicals are what gives them that special something that separates Kraft Singles from real cheese. If they continue to remove chemicals one by one, will Kraft just be selling individually wrapped slices of air and milk? Processed as it may be, I do shamefully love American cheez–In N’ Out uses it on its cheeseburgers for godsakes. I’m just not sure if we’ll ever have individually wrapped processed cheese squares that are truly natural, or if we even want them.

 via Post Bulletin//Image via Shutterstock