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Kmart Double Coupon Deals

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two dollar bill I kept hearing about Kmart and the double coupon deals and I decided it was time to check it out. This week, only $1 coupons were being doubled. Most the grocery stuff I saw was pretty pricey and even $2 off wasn't quite enough.

However, I did find a few things. I got:

Mouth rinse with bonus bottle for 1.19 after $1 coupon doubled

Better than pig ear snacks for dogs for 67 cents after $1 coupon doubled.

Goodlife cat food for $2 after $1 coupon doubled (I heard that some people got $3 coupons. I would have loved a few of them!)

I think the $2 doubles would be well worth it, though. That is $4 off something. I heard that $2 doubles may be back for a weekend sometime soon, so keep an eye out. Usually, the announcement is in the sale flyer, but this week's dollar doubling special was not in the flyer and no signs were posted in the store.

Photo by Tracy Olson