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Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant; I Give Her Announcement Of A Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Deal About A Day

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Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant  I Give Her Announcement Of A Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Deal About A Day kimkardashianpregnant 640x426 jpg

Well, Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby. I always knew it was a matter of time until a Kimye baby; it’s also just a matter of time until she announces the inevitable post-pregnancy weight loss deal. Because a woman as famous as Kim can’t become a mother without promising the public she’s going to lose that baby weight just as quickly as she possibly can.

Kanye announced the news last night at a concert in Atlantic City, singing “Now you having my baby” during one of his songs. According to PEOPLE, he also  “asked concertgoers to congratulate his “baby mama” and called the pregnancy the “most amazing thing.”

Aww. Well, I’m glad he’s excited (although apparently he announced the pregnancy without her knowledge or permission, which is not cool, regardless of how overjoyed he is). Let’s just hope he doesn’t contribute to all of the negative body attention Kim is sure to receive now that she’s carrying a tiny person inside her body, as Kanye is said to have been weirdly concerned about Kim’s weight in the past.

Like Jessica Simpson, Kim is a naturally “curvy” woman who has been pretty vocal about her struggles with weight and body image (although I also think Kim’s body image messages are VERY mixed.) She’s also, inexplicably, one of the biggest celebrities in the country; I’d argue that a significant portion of why she’s famous is due to her body, especially her famous butt. When you combine huge celebrity and fame specifically tied to her body with a pregnancy, you’re bound to see a veritable storm of weight concern trolling, weight speculation and body attention from the media. It’s going to be crazy, I can feel it.

I’ve written before about America’s obsession with policing women’s bodies, especially those of pregnant women. It’s like the media is constantly salivating over the possibility of a female celebrity getting pregnant, but as soon as she is, it’s all about how much weight she’s gained and how she’s going to lose it once her baby is born. It’s a ridiculous reinforcement of the madonna-whore complex; a strange deification of motherhood combined with copious amounts of fascination, shame, and snark. I can’t imagine that Kim Kardashian is going to be any different. In fact, I imagine the attention on her pregnant and postpartum body will only be more obsessive, more intense, more all-encompassing.

But Kim, I imagine, is aware of all of this. She has, in the few years she’s been famous, been able to capitalize on her body and her fame in a shrewd (if dangerous) way. Kim’s shilled for shady weight loss drug QuickTrim in the past, but she’s also known for her hardcore workouts with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak; she tweets about her workouts all the time and she constantly shares pictures of herself in bikinis. She knows that the public cares about her body and what she does with it. I imagine she’ll announce a deal with a weight loss company like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers very soon, just so we can all watch her pregnancy progress, knowing she’s contractually obligated to lose the weight just as soon her child leaves her body. Ugh.

If you couldn’t tell, Kim’s not necessarily my favorite celebrity. But that doesn’t mean I’m not wishing her and Kanye congratulations; they really seem to love each other (from what I can glean from celebrity gossip..not a whole lot, obviously) and it’s cute how excited Kanye is. They have all the resources in the world to be great parents and I’m sure they are very, very happy. Still, I’m hoping that Kim will be able to focus on having a healthy and relaxed pregnancy, regardless of the weight her body’s gaining or how much she’ll have to lose when the 9 months are up.

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